Data administrations need to strategically position the institution for success.

CampusBolt connects students and faculty in a dynamic conversation around course content, expectations, and outcomes. Faculty solicit constructive and balanced feedback from the student body, and students discover the most valuable courses for their educational investment.

Engage your students, and shape a constructive conversation.

With features like feedback moderation, ability to remove offensive content, and notifications for objectionable content, CampusBolt helps you ensure that the dialogue about courses and faculty remains both beneficial and constructive for all parties.

Promote the use of existing faculty evaluation systems.

Seeing low response rates on institution-conducted course/faculty evaluations? Students tell us they see no value. CampusBolt compliments these systems by actively promoting their use, leveraging our high student adoption rates. If you wish, we can also integrate aggregate scores from these systems right into the appropriate CampusBolt course/faculty pages, transforming that data into a valuable resource for students.

Transform your course catalog into a rich information resource.

By using the CampusBolt API, you can pull real-time statistics from our course and faculty feedback collections and display right in your public course catalog. Show prospective and current students that you take their insights and learning seriously. The CampusBolt API is programming language and server platform agnostic, and returns your authenticated data requests in JSON, XML, or HTML format for quick and easy integration.

Integrate with existing identity management infrastructures.

CampusBolt readily integrates with a number of identity platforms to extend single sign-on (SSO) capability to users across your organization. We currently support LDAPS, Shibboleth, SAML, and OpenID (including via providers like Google Apps for Education), with support for other systems coming soon. If you prefer not to integrate for SSO, we also offer a complete account creation /management system for your users where identifying information is encrypted and passwords are hashed using the latest available best practices and technology.

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